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Mig Fuzz


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Recently we put our Mig Fuzz into an aluminum box. We have had many requests for a more durable “non-wood” version. After receiving a custom order for one we decided it was time to make this available. Same circuit as in the wood box version but we added 2 additional mods. In the mixable parallel circuit I made the clean gain stage adjustable and added some diode clipping on a potentiometer.  If you dial in only the parallel circuit and turn the diode clipping up it will give a completely different sounding pedal. This adds more tonal possibilities to an already versatile pallet of possible sounds.

Be advised this is a large pedal: 4 5/8ths” by 7 1/4th”  Price includes 2-3day priority sipping anywhere in the USA. We will cover half the international shipping to make it easier for our friends overseas!

This pedal also uses some unique vintage parts. We may only have enough for another 6-10 units after these. – Johnathan

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