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About Us

The Senator Guitars is a boutique music store that opened up in 2016 in Spokane Washington. Our mission statement is to help out every musician any way we possibly can. The Senator is a place built for all levels of musicians to come and feel comfortable grabbing any instrument off the wall and rocking out. It is also a place for musicians to come hang out with other musicians and talk about music.

The name “Senator Guitars” comes from a bar in Santa Cruz California that the owners great grandfather owned. The cartoon character on the front of the building is inspired by a picture of him in his bar. *Fun fact: The very first person to buy something from the store on the very first day was his daughter!

We specialize in pedals and guitar repair.   So come down to the shop and check it out!
Testing this out okay cool

The Senator

(509) 315-9700

616 E. Third Ave Spokane, WA 99202